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The war in Ukraine is terrible and affects us all. We expect that we will receive many refugees in the coming period. Many people will also have their pets with them. Most animals probably don’t have travel documents or papers, and we don’t know if they have had the correct vaccinations. This entails an INCREASED RISK OF RABIES.

Vaccinate and register

Do you have an animal of refugees from Ukraine at home? Please contact a veterinary practice as soon as possible. The animal will then receive a chip, European passport, and rabies vaccination. You can call us for an appointment. Until then, keep the dog in quarantine as much as possible.


A number of refugees can temporarily go to an asylum seekers center (AZC). Their pets are taken care of by an animal shelter or foundation. These organizations ensure that these pets receive a rabies vaccination and chip + registration.

Animals that are being cared for by friends, family or a host family should visit a vet as soon as possible. It is important that the person who receives the animal arranges this.

Handling Ukrainian pets

It is difficult for us to imagine how someone who has fled their home during war feels here in the Netherlands… Of course we hope for safe and relieved, but probably sadness, trauma and fear dominate. A pet can provide great support in this and is therefore very important. But the pets can also be traumatized or scared. Or have trouble getting used to a new environment. It is therefore essential that we all take these animals into account. For example, consider the following:

  • Be careful when approaching (or rather not approach an animal at all) and have understanding for the owner. They may not know the leash or clearing obligation everywhere.
  • Is there a safe and quiet place for the animal at the location where one is staying?
  • Are measures taken to prevent escape?
  • Are there things in the house that the animals need? A nice crate where a dog can quietly withdraw? A cat scratching post with high berths for the cat?
  • Are there litter boxes and does the cat recognize the pellets as a place to defecate?
  • Is one with cats alert to tilt windows and the risk of the cat getting stuck between them?

Would you like to do something for the animals yourself? Then take a look at the website of Hulp voor dieren uit Oekraïne.

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