Corona virus: keep your distance

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The corona virus makes this a bizarre time, in which our whole team would like to continue to give your animal(s) the best care. Let’s take good care of each other so that this remains possible.

  • Wherever possible, keep a distance of 1.5 meters from us and each other. Especially at the desks of the veterinarian and the veterinarian¬†technichian.
  • Come to the practice with one person (max. Two if really necessary). If you come with two people, report this on the phone. Please don’t bring children.
  • Wait outside for your appointment. We wave in front of the window, or call your mobile phone when it’s your turn. We will open the door for you. We plan the consultations more widely, so that the waiting time is limited.
  • Wash your hands well inside the vet’s consulting room. Then the vet starts her consultation.
  • If you want to come get food or medication, call us in advance. We will prepare it for you. Even then we’ll ask you to wait outside untill we let you know when you can come in to collect your items. Hopefully everyone will be helped quickly. Also keep your distance from each other when you’re waiting outside.
  • Pay with the pin, so that we do not have to accept cash. We desinfect the counters and the pin machine, but also door handles and basically everything we touch with alcohol several times a day.

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